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6 U.P. Kahawats To Enrich Your Hindi

Uttar Pradesh or U.P. has some really colourful vibe to it. Not only is this vibrant state famous for its amazing food and culture, the Hindi spoken in the state is also rife with some amazing kahawats. These kahawats not only add spice to the Hindi people speak in the state, but also pass on some precious wisdom in the wittiest way.
Here are some kahawats to enrich your life:
#FlavourOfUP Blog 01.jpg
#FlavourOfUP Blog 02.jpg
#FlavourOfUP Blog 03.jpg
#FlavourOfUP Blog 04.jpg
#FlavourOfUP Blog 05.jpg
#FlavourOfUP Blog 06.jpg
Know some more of such amazing kahawats? Tell us in the comments.
Bijnis Woman (1).jpg

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