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Test Your Knowledge of the Rank Structure of Our Amazing Armed Forces

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be part of the armed forces, let the Our Amazing Armed Forces take you through this experience. From moving homes to making new friends, from deployment to reunion, from patriotism to tender family moments, these books go on to describe the daily lives of armed force officers and cadets.

Brimming with facts and impactful stories, read on to find out how an individual can rise through the ranks:


Indian Airforce

Is Air Chief Marshal senior to Air Vice Marshal? Zoom in to find out!

Indian Navy

Is Captain the boss of the Navy? This handy infographic will tell you

Indian Army

Major or General? Who is ranked higher? Zoom in to find out!

My Father Is In The Indian Army,  My Mother Is In The Indian Air Force and My Sister Is In The Indian Navy– Our Amazing Armed Forces series is available now!

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