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Test your wildlife knowledge with this quiz!

Delve deeper into the world of animals and plants with this indispensable quiz book that helps you explore our planet’s natural beauty and myriad facets. Based on India’s only international-level quiz on wildlife, The Wild Wisdom Quiz Book Volume 3 is packed with exciting new Q & A on biomimicry, evolution, conservation heroes and more, and is interspersed with delightful illustrations. Learn about nature’s creative cross-connections and hidden trump cards.

Relevant in today’s changing world, this book tells you why it is high time we wise up, wipe the slate clean and achieve a perfect score with the New Deal for Nature and People by 2030 (more on this inside!). Budding wildlife lovers, nature explorers and avid quizzers, prepare yourself for a wild, wise ride!


Read below to answer a question from the book and binge on facts:

Q: Some butterflies lay their eggs on a plant that has glassy needle-like hairs on the surface of its leaves. The hairs get embedded in the skin like a venomous ‘sting’ if touched, to keep small browsing animals away, allowing the butterfly eggs to hatch. Which kind of plant is this?





4. Nettle


Did you know?

Medicinal leeches were used in ancient India, Egypt and Greece to treat common ailments like joint pains, skin problems and other infections. In the nineteenth century, British and French doctors were particularly fond of treating patients with leeches for almost any kind of sickness. A famous British lawyer of nineteenth century England, Lord Thomas Erskine, became so fond of the two leeches used on him when he was ill that he brought them home and kept them in a glass of water in his library. He named them Home and Cline after two famous Victorian surgeons and frequently spoke to them about his cases.

Get your copy here to know more about such fun facts and quizzes

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