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The #BeAfilmyStoryWriter Contest Winners Revealed!

Welcome to the filmi world of the #BeAfilmyStoryWriter Contest winners!

We are thrilled to present you with three extraordinary tales that beautifully captured the essence of Filmi Stories by Kunal Basu. Get ready to be swept away by some amazing storytelling and cinematic flair showcased by our talented winners.

Lights, camera, action- let’s embark on this Filmi journey together.

Don’t forget the popcorn!

Filmi Stories
Filmi Stories || Kunal Basu


Zenobia Merchant  @zens2cents  

All the roads were leading to a dead end. Shweta needed to change her approach, yet again! 

Her eyes welled up when she thought of him. Maur Sharma, her father, was the most honest and disciplined cop. 

Whilst investigating a case, his search landed him in a scuffle with some big names in the corporate world. He left for an undisclosed location on a lead and kissed her goodbye six months ago, to hear nothing from him. 

Shweta an officer herself, secretly took over the reins of her father’s investigation with the aid of a trusted few and landed in Nagaland on a tip. 

The state in itself was in mayhem and not a single soul knew or had chanced to see her father. She was about to give up when she heard the cries of a woman beating her chest. Her 8-year-old son was dead and also defiled. 

When she assisted to help file a case, the woman asked her to leave, else she too would meet the same dreadful fate as the officer, who was helping the villagers to rescue children from trafficking and abuse. 

The woman led her to the man’s grave. 

Shweta finally found her father. 


Namita Das @dasnamitaa 

The Search 

Arya embarked on a journey to a troubled region, searching for her missing father. However, upon arrival, no one seemed to know who he was, or they evaded her questions with unease. Suspicion grew within her, wondering if there was a sinister secret they were concealing. 

Undeterred, Arya ventured further, risking her safety to uncover the truth. 

In a remote village, she encountered an elderly man who claimed to have knowledge of her father. What he revealed shook Arya to her core. 

Her father, it turned out, was not the ordinary man she believed him to be. He had been entangled in a web of espionage, infiltrating a rebel group to expose their evil plans. The villagers, complicit in the cover-up, denied any knowledge of him to protect their safety. Unfortunately, he paid the ultimate price, being captured and executed by the very rebels he sought to thwart. 

A whirlwind of disbelief and anger consumed Arya. The search for her father had not only cost her hope but also her purpose. Her life had been built on falsehoods, and the trust she once had shattered like glass. 

Heartbroken and betrayed, she packed her belongings, vowing to abandon her dreams as a writer. 

Boarding a plane, Arya left behind the troubled region that had shattered her heart. She vowed to forge a new path guided by authenticity and the strength to overcome adversity. The truth she sought had only brought devastation, leaving her questioning if she could ever trust again. Yet, within the depths of her despair, a flicker of resilience ignited. 

As Arya stepped into an uncertain future, she carried the burden of her father’s absence, forever shaping her. 

Determined to honour his memory, she would weave her own story that would transcend the shadows of her past, embracing the light of a newfound resolve. 


Ankita K.  @bird_song07  

The Silent Vanishing 

With trembling hands and racing heart, Leher got off the rickety bus. The frost-veiled welcoming-board read: Manaspur. 

Within ‘this’ bucolic town, the truth about her father’s vanishing lay hidden. She started scouring the labyrinthine alleys, encountering only oblivious faces and resounding denials. But she kept going. 

Despite her father’s abusive nature, Leher sought closure. 

Placing her father’s picture before a weather-beaten shopkeeper, she asked, “Have you seen this man? Or a white sedan, perhaps?” “Sorry, no. What happened?” the man replied. 

“He’s my father,” she stuttered. ” can’t find him. He and my mother stayed in a nearby hotel. One night, he got in his car and vanished, leaving her alone. Nobody at the hotel even saw him leave.”  The man expressed heartfelt sympathy. 

As the day wore on, Leher questioned the remaining townsfolk but met with similar negation.  Now it was time to update her mother. Reaching the bus stop, she phoned her.  

“Mom, nobody saw him, or the car,” Leher conveyed, her trembling voice becoming steadier, “Please stop crying, Ma. It was self-defense. And he deserved it!” she reassured, “And trust me, if no one saw the car, no one saw you pushing it down the cliff.” 


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