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The nuclear genesis of the Kingdom of Ogd

Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Ogd, a Messiah was born … with her foot in her mouth.

This might be her story.

Her position of foetal gaffe allows her to eat her toenails, which nourish her and make her toenails grow so that she can eat them. Apart from the practicality of the situation, this also is the basis of her profound teachings. As the Messiah travels through many dimensions, her followers learn the importance of bells, nirvana, clean feet, Klein bottles and phonetics, among diverse other things.

Following in the tradition of Lewis Carroll, Anushka Ravishankar writes nonsense, which addresses complex issues of the modern-day world with a deep and abiding meaninglessness.

Here’s an excerpt from this profoundly nonsensical enquiry into various aspects of the world that details the genesis of the Kingdom of Ogd.



Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Ogd there was a nuclear holocaust.

The explosion blasted the Kingdom out of shape and it became a strange looking thing that had no inside or outside.

This was an evolutionary necessity because the only way not to have a nuclear holocaust inside Ogd was by not having an inside of Ogd.



The geographical transformation of Ogd led to many developments. It was, for instance, the origin of the famous saying:


since any road that led outside Ogd also led inside Ogd.

There were of course, dissidents, who by the same logic claimed that:


But Ogdians who listened to both the assertions got extremely confused. If they believed that all roads led to Ogd and that all roads led out of Ogd then they had to conclude that all roads led everywhere and that all roads led nowhere which was not possible unless everywhere was the same as nowhere.

These were the people who inhabited the insane asylums of Ogd.

However, what was of Ogd was also of not-Ogd.

Xenophobia was eradicated because all Ogdians were non-Ogdians. And so forth.

But when the cartographers came to draw maps of the New Post-apocalyptic World, they were shocked. Never in the history of cartography has there been such a thing as an unbounded kingdom, they declared, delicately drawing a line between infiniteness and unboundedness.

So they drew an imaginary line and said this side is Ogd and that side is not-Ogd.

Be as infinite as you please, they said, but you have to be bounded.

The Kingdom of Ogd was thus placed on the map and people were let out of the insane asylums, which were renamed CACCs* by the newly formed PaPoCC.**

Once upon a time, the same time as the last time upon which once was, a Messiah was born in the Kingdom of Ogd.

Her feet were in her mouth.

This position of foetal gaffe caused her to resemble a paisa-worm or an infinite loop that ate toenails so that the toenails could grow long and strong so she could eat them.

front cover of Ogd
Ogd || Anushka Ravishankar

What is this, her mother asked the doctor, not being able to distinguish between a paisa-worm and a newborn Messiah.

This is an outcome, the doctor replied.


Ogd is a delightful offering belonging to the genre of literary nonsense that will compel you to ponder the nature of things.

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