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The Secrets We Keep – An Excerpt

Rahul, an intelligence officer on a secret mission, is undercover at a major’s house. In the process, he falls in love with the major’s daughter, Akriti, unknowingly putting her in danger. To protect her, Rahul decides to hide her at his parents’ house. However, estranged from his family for years, he must first make amends with them.

Just when he thinks he has found a haven for Akriti, she goes missing…

Here’s an exclusive excerpt from Sudeep Nagarkar’s much-awaited The Secrets We Keep:


If you could forget a relationship that fleetingly existed in the past, would you? If your past could be erased,
would you erase it?

Sadly, you have no choice in this matter because I—your past—am invincible.

Mysterious and unseen, I am the master of the dark and light and everything in between.

I am a force of nature, an unstoppable wave that’ll tame you by taking away every last bit of your strength until you regret ever standing in my path. A king of manipulation at its finest, I will see into the soul of the characters in this story long before they catch a glimpse, and change the way they think. I am the only God and the only devil, and I am here to destroy you because without destruction there’s no creation.

If you think you can escape me, you’re already doomed.

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