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The Transformative Power of AAH-OOH-MMM from ‘Om the Gnome’!

“Learn how to chant OM

from the comfort of home,

with a curious gnome

and his magical comb”


The exigencies of parenthood are magnified in modern  lifestyles where most of us juggle careers and the mammoth task of making sure our kids are fed, clean and functional. The next and equally necessary task, and the hardest of all is making them feel safe, centered and balanced—both for our own sanity and theirs! If it’s a stressful world for us to navigate, imagine how much more it would be if we lacked the necessary skills to balance ourselves during a frustrating task, when exploring the world seemed to constantly put up challenges that were just too much for us. That’s what how growing up and learning to do things for yourself can feel like to little ones and that’s what happens to Om, the adorable little gnome in the exquisitely illustrated book by Trishla Jain, when he’s faced with a knotty problem!

Read on to learn how reading Om the Gnome aloud can help you bond with your little one as it brings modern spirituality to life through simple words and start a beautiful conversation about living purposefully.

Om the Gnome and the Chanting Comb by Trishla Jain unpacks the magic behind the beautiful sound of OM through words and illustrations that are both exquisite and inclusive. Read this book out loud to help your young ones feel light and free.

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