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These Summer Reads are Making Waves Everywhere!

As the sun-kissed days of summer draw near, it’s time to stock up on the best reads for those leisurely moments. Whether you’re lounging beachside or chilling in the backyard, these books are your perfect companions for the sizzling summer days ahead. So grab a refreshing drink, and a comfy chair and dive into the fun. Happy summer reading!

To Every Parent, To Every School
To Every Parent, To Every School ||

To Every Parent, To Every School addresses the challenges posed by our swiftly changing VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world. It goes beyond mere knowledge acquisition or curriculum revisions, which are necessary and continuous processes; nor is it about swapping topics in and out of curricula. While these adjustments are necessary, they aren’t sufficient. What is crucial is empowering our children with the capacity to anticipate and adapt to rapid changes as they occur.


This Our Paradise
This Our Paradise || Karan Mujoo

Srinagar, 1986. A Kashmiri Pandit family has just moved into their new home. The patriarch Papaji is a clerk in a food cooperative and his wife Byenji is a homemaker. The narrator is their eight-year-old grandson who spends his days playing cricket and climbing the tang kul in the garden. Everything is rosy till 1989. But then, propelled by ISI and the Jamaat, a secessionist movement rises and changes everything.

Lolab valley, 1968. After years of prayers, a boy named Shahid is born to Zun and her husband. He grows up in a society where corruption and unemployment are rife. The trajectory of his life changes when he meets Syed Sahab — an Islamic theologian and rabble-rouser, who wants to overthrow the Indian state.

The stories of both families intertwine tragically. In both cases, the boys are at the mercy of forces much larger than them. Both lose their Kashmir, in different ways.



Success Is Inevitable
Success Is Inevitable || Thibaut Meurisse

What if you could make your success inevitable?

Imagine if, by mastering specific laws of success, you could achieve any goal you’ve ever set?

How would that make you feel?

What would you start doing differently?

Success Is Inevitable is your definitive master plan for success. By reading it, you’ll discover the seventeen laws that will skyrocket your success. With pragmatic exercises and personal examples, you’ll explore specific techniques that will enable you to reach your full potential and achieve your biggest goals.


The One Goal
The One Goal || Thibaut Meurisse

In The One Goal, you’ll learn the exact blueprint to achieving all the goals and dreams you’re most excited about. Thibaut shares how to set goals fully aligned with your personal values to build lasting motivation and unstoppable enthusiasm. You will learn how to develop an unbeatable mindset and achieve insanely demanding goals. The book introduces you to the bullet-proof timeframe and the mastery mindset and its five commandments so that you can achieve any future goal in any area of your life. The psychology of expertise will shorten your learning curve and help you position yourself as an expert faster than you thought possible.


Think Better Thoughts
Think Better Thoughts || Thibaut Meurisse

Are you struggling with negative thoughts? Do you hold on to too many limiting beliefs? Do you feel like you’re capable of more?

If so, it’s time for you to replace disempowering beliefs with more empowering ones and improve your life in the process.

Author and coach Thibaut Meurisse wants you to think better, more empowering thoughts. In his latest book, you’ll learn about 100 negative assumptions that, often unconsciously, prevent you from designing a more fulfilling life.

He addresses questions such as why you often feel like you’re not good enough (and what to do about it); how your fear of missing out is working against you; why being hard on yourself doesn’t work (and what you should do instead), and much more.

Think Better Thoughts is a must-read guide to reprogramme your mind, have more empowering thoughts and make lasting changes in your life.


The Republic Relearnt
The Republic Relearnt || Radha Kumar

Despite the clear danger of the rise of totalitarianism in India today, this book’s aim is to look forward to the moment when democracy will be renewed in the country and ask what lessons can be learnt from past experience to anchor it more firmly when the opportunity arises. It is generally assumed that Indian democracy has had an unbroken run since Independence, with the brief disruption of the 1975–77 Emergency. While those two years saw a stark assault on democratic institutions, Indian democracy had been repeatedly punctured prior to the Emergency, and it has been threatened many times since. The country underwent almost four decades of democracy decay after the founding years of the republic, as compared to the three relatively short-lived waves of democracy renewal. That fact makes an examination of these three waves rather significant.


The Naga Warriors 1
The Naga Warriors 1 || Akshat Gupta

To prepare for the future, our ancestors created the Naga sadhus—a clan of warriors for the protection of Dharma, as proclaimed by Adi Guru Shankaracharya in the eighth century. This sect of Shiva devotees has stood firm, living selflessly and fighting fearlessly. For centuries, they have died the death of heroes, serving and saving Dharma and the temples.

In the year 1757, 111 Naga sadhus borrowed the majestic weapons of the idols of their gods. Fueled by their belief in Lord Shiva, they gathered an invincible courage to protect the temples of Gokul. They stood as an indestructible wall, led by Ajaa, a fearless Naga warrior, against the Afghan army of 4000 men, a cavalry of 200 horses and 100 camels, and 20 cannons. The brutal Afghan army was led by Sardar Khan, the most ruthless commander of Emperor Ahmed Shah Abdali, ill-famed for the demolition of temples and building a history of genocide in Bharat.

The fight continues. This is the Naga warrior’s commitment to courage and determination. This is the clash of Shiva devotees against the devils that lie under men’s skin. This is the Battle of Gokul.

The Book of Wealth
The Book of Wealth || Mark Mobius

Renowned as a titan in global finance, Mark Mobius unveils a comprehensive guide to mastering the intricate landscape of financial investments. Drawing from his illustrious career spanning emerging markets and beyond, Mobius, with unparalleled expertise, demystifies the various financial instruments one can use to start their investing journey. From stocks and bonds to alternative assets, The Book of Wealth serves as an indispensable road map for understanding the diverse avenues of wealth creation. Dive into Mobius’s wealth of knowledge as he provides insightful descriptions and analyses of different investment tools, offering young investors a solid foundation for making informed financial decisions.


The Distaste of the Earth
The Distaste of the Earth || Kynpham Sing Nongkynrih

The Distaste of the Earth imaginatively weaves an ancient world of Khasi kings and queens, warriors and plunderers, and chronicles the sorrows of a young man caught up in that world.

This layered fictional history of a land where a queen falls in love with a pauper, where animals recount their tales of woe against man, and where retribution—destructive to both good and bad—arrives, sooner or later, begins in a pata, the local bar, whose patrons form a microcosm of the world around them.

The novel reimagines a world where man is a despot, where God is ostensibly absent, perhaps much like our own, outlining issues at once ancient and contemporary with startling clarity.


The 100X Formula
The 100X Formula || Siddhartha Rastogi, Koushik Mohan

Today’s generation dreams big and wants to lead a rich and happy life. But how does one make it big? How can one achieve success in their professional and personal lives? What should one do to create wealth? Does the accumulation of wealth lead to happiness? What is the purpose of life? The 100X Formula attempts to answer these and many such questions.

The 100X Formula  reveals the magic formula that the authors have developed after years of research in equity markets. The formula not only helps one achieve stupendous success in the stock market but also helps one find ways to win in life in general. With lessons in investing, entrepreneurship and relationships, the book is the ultimate resource for surviving and thriving in a highly competitive world. Read this book and find your purpose in life!


Summer of Then
Summer of Then || Rupleena Bose

Summer of Then is a debut novel that relishes the interiority of women, especially about the often-unsettling intimacies of relationships—sexual, romantic and platonic—against the trauma of sexual assault and harassment. Set across Calcutta, Delhi, Mumbai, and even Edinburgh, Scotland, this coming-of-age novel crosses paths with the India of the 2010s, exploring the trickle-down effect of politics into academia and college life in Indian metropolitan cities, leading us just to the point of the incipient anxieties and beginnings of the 2020 pandemic.


India’s Forgotten Country
India’s Forgotten Country || Bela Bhatia

Over the course of more than three decades, Bela Bhatia’s work and concerns have brought her face-to-face with the harsh nature of people’s lives in India’s ‘forgotten country’—the hamlets, villages and slums—and the oppressive forces that rule and ruin the lives of Dalits, Adivasis, bonded labourers, women and other downtrodden groups. She has also witnessed how their everyday lives are pockmarked with violence and the brutality—often organized—they face when they resist.
India’s Forgotten Country captures Bela’s early years as an activist in rural Gujarat, her research on the Naxalite movement, her investigations of violations of democratic rights in different regions, and her recent years dealing with the ongoing conflict between the state and Maoists in Bastar. The essays build on first-hand investigations conducted in states ranging from Bihar and Telangana to Rajasthan and Nagaland, besides Kashmir. People such as Deepa Musahar, Kaliben, Muchaki Sukadi, Zarifa Begum, Tareptsuba and others have ample space in this book to speak for themselves.


The Jannayak Karpoori Thakur
The Jannayak Karpoori Thakur || Santosh Singh, Aditya Anmol

Karpoori Thakur, often called Jannayak, was a legendary leader from Bihar who had a significant impact on India’s politics. In early 2024, he was posthumously honoured with the Bharat Ratna in recognition of his extraordinary contributions to society. Commemorating his birth centenary, this gripping biography brings to light the life, legacy and enduring relevance of Thakur. It focuses on Karpoori Thakur’s politics, which introduced ‘quota within quota’ and opens a window to his role in bifurcating reservation among the backward classes and women in 1978.

Deeply researched, anecdotal and unputdownable, The Jannayak promises to be a beacon for readers seeking to understand the complex landscape of Indian politics and society.


A Firestorm in Paradise
A Firestorm in Paradise || Rana Safvi

Before the 1857 Uprising of India, the old Delhi, or Shahjahanabad is sprawling with life—like an ode wavering towards its end. The inhabitants of Red Fort and the splendored world around it, all subjects of Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar, lived on the cusp of a change with the arrival of the British. Yet, people’s own stories continued against backdrop of this transition.

At the centre of this sprawling narrative is a princess, Falak Ara, daughter of the Emperor. Beautiful and vivacious, Falak Ara is curious about the world outside the fort but never imagines being able to leave. Soon, she loses her heart to a salatin—a prince— and longs for a union with him. Her quest is made difficult by a changing Shahjahanabad, on whose horizon lurks a revolution.

Author Rana Safvi unspools the aches of a young heart as she pays homage to Old Delhi—which, like a living, breathing being, has many moods and survives a lifetime in this novel A Firestorm in Paradise.


Against the Grain
Against the Grain || Pankaj Mishra

Dive deep into the minds of those who dared to defy convention in Against the Grain, a compelling exploration of wisdom, vulnerability and visionary thinking. Through conversations with luminaries like A.R. Rahman, Uday Kotak, Nandan Nilekani, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Naval Ravikant and many more, Against the Grain reveals what it takes to carve your own path, defy norms and truly embrace your uniqueness.

Veteran business journalist Pankaj Mishra skilfully retraces the journeys of these bold outliers, delving into their experiences of hope, disillusionment, victory, defeat, joy and pain with refreshing candour. Drawing from transformative interviews featured on Mishra’s acclaimed and beloved podcast Outliers, Against the Grain offers a lucid and captivating narrative that vividly portrays how some of India’s most prominent figures confront the myriad challenges and uncertainties of life.

A must-read for those navigating their own paths to success, this chronicle serves as an inspiring testament to resilience, determination and individuality.


Aperture || Bhaskar Chattopadhyay

When a struggling freelance photographer discovers a secret window in his apartment that offers a clear view of the rooms in a shady hotel across the lane, he is lured by the dangerous obsession of voyeurism and, subsequently, blackmail. But one day, when he sees a husband murder his wife in a fit of rage in one of the rooms, the photographer turns to detective Janardan Maity to confess his own crimes, so that the killer can be brought to book. With his dear friend Prakash Ray by his side, Maity investigates this seemingly simple case, only to realize that not everything is as it seems.

Fallout || Salman Masood

Fallout delves into the tumultuous journey of Imran Khan’s transition from a tenacious opposition leader to the prime minister of Pakistan (2014–2018), and his complicated relationship with the Pakistani military since then. It charts the fall of Nawaz Sharif, influenced by the Panama Papers scandal, and the role of former army chief, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, in the Hybrid Project/Rule, revealing the changes he went through while in power. The book underscores the persistent unpredictability of leadership decisions, both military and civilian, that leads to a constant state of crisis in Pakistan today, underlining the crucial need for institutional stability. A familiar-yet-ever-changing tableau of power, Fallout is an incisive exploration of Pakistani politics.


Blasphear || Sohail Rauf

When Sub-Inspector Waqas Mahmood is assigned the case of a suicide of a seventeen-year-old boy, he is tempted to do the bare minimum and close it. Waqas has been disenchanted with the police force and wants to quit anyway. And the ominous presence of a religious outfit around the boy’s house is another reason to stay away. It’s also just too hot in Shantinagar, a dusty town in Punjab, Pakistan.
But Waqas realizes there’s more to the case when the boy’s friend reaches out claiming that it was not a suicide. In fact, the case might be linked to another terrifying case in Shantinagar when a Hindu art teacher was lynched on the accusation of blasphemy against Islam.


Banaras || Vertul Singh

A kaleidoscopic view of Banaras, Varanasi charts a narrative that spans from the city’s present day, to its origins as Kashi, and the fin de siècle of the eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries, which witnessed Varanasi’s inclusionary development as a cultural and pilgrimage centre, an opulent trading hub, and a basilica of political power.

Weaving facts, interesting anecdotes and untold stories to make a rich tapestry, Banaras is an insider’s account and an unparalleled portrait of the city.


The Rise of Asian Paints
The Rise of Asian Paints || Anupam Gupta

Asian Paints is India’s largest paints company and its early history is hardly known; even less is known about how Champaklal Choksey and his friends made Asian Paints the largest paints company in India as far back as 1967. There are many lessons that are relevant even today – from investing in high quality talent to separating management and ownership. Most importantly, there are very few books that show how honest businessmen can – and should – build large-scale institutions that endure beyond their lifetime, just as Champaklal Choksey has done. The Rise of Asian Paints tells the story of an iconic institution and its less-known but visionary founder.


Cover coming soon

The Ancestors
The Ancestors || Laksh Maheshwari, Ashish Kavi

It has been two years after the black element was discovered; two years since Jay disappeared, believed to be dead. The revelations continue for the Somvanshis, as they deal with the changes that the black element caused in their bodies. As Karan makes discoveries that shake him to his core, Shantanu Somvanshi finds the key that he has been waiting for in the shape of a young, strong-minded girl. The Ancestors takes the reader on a whirlwind ride with twists and turns that will shock.


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