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Things You Should Know about the Author of 'Ways of Being Desi': Ziauddin Sardar

Ziauddin Sardar is a person of Pakistani origins, and proud of it. But he boldly says that his identities draw on antecedents from all parts of the subcontinent. His latest book, Ways of Being Desi asks some important questions around this; such as ‘How do we define being Desi?’ and ‘What are the actual sights, scents, sounds and tastes-the myriad elements from the South Asian imagination that come together in various combinations to conjure ‘self’ for all of us?’
Before you read his book, get to know the author a little better!

Ways of Being Desi is a brilliant, provocative and deeply honest exploration of the ingredients that make us who we are. For more posts like this one, follow Penguin India on Facebook!

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