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Trying to land your dream job? Think out of the box with Get Job Ready!

“A jack of all and master of none” is a quote that all of us are familiar with, but a majority of people do not know that the original quote is longer.

“A jack of all and master of none is still better than a master of one.”

Interesting isn’t it? When we pursue our academic dreams and try to land that dream job, extra-curricular activities often take a backseat. Here’s why you need to think out of the box to Get Job Ready!

Extracurricular activities help you go the extra mile

Your participation in extracurricular activities can help build your resume and land an internship or job in the future. While in college, extracurricular activities are amazing avenues to build core employability skills. Extracurricular activities are activities that fall outside of your regular academic work. In addition to helping you build necessary skills, extracurricular activities offer additional benefits. They can expand your thinking and perspective, increase your self-confidence, and build a network of friends. There is no one best extracurricular activity. What is best for you may be different from what is best for your classmate.

How to pick an extracurricular activity

Find an activity that you can enjoy and that helps you grow. A number of research studies have shown that students who participate in extracurricular activities perform better academically. Here are a few examples of extracurricular activities to help showcase and develop your employability skills:

  • Leadership in student government
  • Visual and performing arts participation
  • Community service volunteering or leadership
  • Academic clubs
  • Clubs representing professions and associations
  • Participation, awards, or outstanding achievements in hobbies and special interests
  • Tutoring experience
  • Sports-Team member, captain, or coach
  • Research projects
  • Leadership or other participation in on-campus media
Get Job Ready
Get Job Ready||Vasu Eda

Don’t hesitate to use your extracurricular activities to highlight your accomplishments and to illustrate your successes. Have you started an on-campus club, or had a significant role in one? Do your extracurriculars involve skills such as leadership as head of a club, managing events, marketing, writing, website design and development, creating policies, such as in student government, or research projects? Are you on a cricket, racquetball, badminton, or soccer team? Are you the captain of a team? Do you coach younger students? Do you have significant responsibility for taking care of a family member? All these skills can be important in a professional environment and can impress an employer.


If there’s an area that you want to be involved in or a leadership role that you want to take on, and the opportunity doesn’t exist on-campus, then create it. This will show future employers that you can take initiative, are a creative thinker, and a leader, and are not afraid to take on a challenge.

Grab your copy of Get Job Ready and get expert guidance on how to land your dream job straight out of college!


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