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Tips for the Solo Traveller

Don’t settle for an average life; travel the world, expand your horizons and make the sky your roof. That is something travellers across the world will always tell you. Travel excites and amazes all of us; it thrills our senses and we all long for it.
Solo travellers make the world their cocoon and breathe in the stars. They become Shooting Stars. This is what the author of our book; The Shooting Star did. At the age of 23, Shivya Nath gave up her home, sold most of her belongings and embarked on a nomadic journey that has taken her everywhere. She has travelled to over fifty countries and her new book is a goldmine full of travel tips, especially for solo female travellers.
Here is a list of five tips for your next solo adventure from her:
Always protect yourself from the sun. Carry appropriate clothing and also accessories.

Seek out the local flavour.

Discover the joy of slow travel.

Travel light.

If someone unknown is acting too friendly or too helpful, they probably are. Be aware!

With its vivid descriptions, cinematic landscapes, moving encounters and uplifting adventures, The Shooting Star is a travel memoir that maps not just the world but the human spirit. For more posts like this, follow Penguin India on Facebook!

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