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Watch out for a book flood this July

One thing that’s really difficult to do in the humid heat of July even as an adult, is to not run outside the moment so much as a drizzle becomes imminent. How then are we to keep our little ones dry, safe and away from the virus that prowls outside the doors? The answer is rather simple. Give them one of our exciting July releases and a comfy spot near a window, on a porch or anywhere they can enjoy the weather as well as a thrilling literary adventure.

There are so many to choose from!



My Little Book Series

My Little Book of Krishna FC
My Little Book of Krishna||

Let’s dive into the vast and wonderful world of Hindu mythology! 

Naughty little Krishna’s search for butter leads to an unexpected adventure.
With charming illustrations and simple language, this short tale about Krishna will entertain and delight.

This series of charmingly illustrated board books introduces kids to some of the best known and best loved gods from popular Hindu mythology, including Krishna, Ganesha, Lakshmi, Hanuman, Shiva and Durga. Dotted with interesting facts about each god as well as an interactive seek-and-find activity, this book offers a fun and enjoyable introduction to timeless myths and festivals for modern kids.

A must have to impart important life lessons from various gods and goddesses.


Age: 3+ years



My Little Book of Lakshmi FC
My Little Book of Lakshmi||

Lovely Lakshmi comes to Earth once a year. Will she have a good time here?
With charming illustrations and simple language, this short tale about Lakshmi will entertain and delight.

The perfect way to familiarise babies with India’s rich cultural fabric, this book is a must have to impart important life lessons from various gods and goddesses. My Little Book of Lakshmi makes for a great gift for every preschooler for a holistic learning experience


Age: 3+ years



My Little Book of Ganesha
My Little Book of Ganesha||

Clever Ganesha’s got something on his mind, but what that is you’ll have to read on to find.

With charming illustrations and simple language, this short tale about Ganesha will entertain and delight.


Collect all books in the series!


Age: 3+ years


The Book of Cultures FC
The Book of Cultures||Evi Triantafyllides and Nefeli Malekou

The Book of Cultures

Explore the cultures of the world!

Meet buddies from different parts of our planet and go on adventures near and far with 30 stories bursting with intrigue, curiosity and wonder! Travel from Japan to Peru and South Africa to Denmark, and learn about diverse cultures, customs, traditions and more in one handy, charmingly illustrated volume.

A magical, educational experience for young readers to discover the differences that make our planet so special, but also to uncover the similarities we often overlook. Fictional plots of kids from different countries capture the imagination of little readers and allow them to experience the world beyond themselves, developing compassion and empathy. Every story is accompanied by a 2-page snapshot of that country’s culture, filled with fun facts and engaging activities, such as puzzles, songs and recipes


Age: 4+ years


Spaceship to the Universe FC
Spaceship to the Universe||Shruthi Rao, Anuradha Jagalur

Spaceship to the Universe

‘A great library is freedom. And that freedom must not be compromised. It must be available to all who need it, and that’s everyone, when they need it, and that’s always.’–Ursula le Guin

Libraries. We love them. Tyrants tremble before them. There are children in the world desperate for them, and people who are willing to put their own lives at risk to save them.

In this book, you’ll discover the oldest libraries, and the largest ones. You’ll find libraries in battlefields, in Antarctica and even in space. You’ll come across libraries in boats, on the backs of donkeys and elephants, and in telephone booths. And you will meet amazing people who will do almost anything to take libraries to people who need them

In this celebration of libraries, Shruthi Rao and Anuradha Jagalur bring together inspiring and fascinating stories to delight all those who love books and libraries.


Age: 10+ years


How the Earth Got Its Beauty FC
How the Earth Got Its Beauty||Sudha Murty

How the Earth Got Its Beauty|

After the huge success of How the Sea Became Salty and How the Onion Got Its Layers, Sudha Murty brings to you a brand new tale as part of her gorgeous chapter book series for young readers.

Excellent artwork that helps expand a child’s imagination, easy to read and understand.

A remarkable story narrated simply and endearingly for young readers.

Have you ever stopped to marvel at the earth’s beauty: at snow-capped mountains and oceans so deep; at colourful flowers and extraordinary animals? The tale of how such beauty came into existence is a curious one indeed.
India’s favourite storyteller brings alive this timeless tale with her inimitable wit and simplicity. Tricked out with enchanting illustrations, this gorgeous chapter book is the ideal introduction for beginners to the world of Sudha Murty.


Age: 5-8 years


The Great Big Lion FC
The Great Big Lion||Chryseis Knight

The Great Big Lion

Drawn and written by a 3-year-old Mensa prodigy

Long, long ago, there was a Great Big Lion. Tom and Lily were fascinated by him. They loved to hear him ROAR! But one day, the lion vanished without a trace. And so, off went Tom and Lily to find and bring back their friend, the Great Big Lion.

Written by one of the youngest writers in the world, this board book will connect to your child and make them think about empathy, friendship, nature and conservation. Dive into this fun read that combines storytelling and learning through patterns and numbers.


Age: 1-4  years


Topi Rockets from Thumba FC
Topi Rockets from Thumba||Menaka Raman

Topi Rockets from Thumba

A charmingly illustrated and colourful book to inculcate interest in STEM subjects for young readers.

Join Vikram Sarabhai and his scientists as they try to launch a sounding rocket in Kerala, with a little help from young Mary!

The year is 1963 and India is about to embark on an audacious adventure – launching its first ever rocket into space. After much searching, a team of scientists led by the visionary Dr Vikram Sarabhai zero in on Thumba, a tiny fishing village off the coast of Kerala as the place to launch the rocket and India’s dreams of space exploration.
Mary is all of 10 years old and bored of life in sleepy Thumba. Nothing ever happens here but fishing. That is, of course, until Dr Sarabhai and team arrive

Topi Rockets from Thumba is an imagined account of the weeks and months leading up to the launch of India’s first ever rocket, told through the eyes of the inquisitive Mary.


Age: 6+ years


Smash It, Butterfingers! FC
Smash It, Butterfingers!||Khyrunnisa A.

Smash It, Butterfingers!

Look out! It’s Butterfingers again, and in smashing form!

There’s a lot going on in Green Park School. Ozymandias, a black cat, walks into classrooms and there’s a buzz about a badminton tournament that is to be played on Friday the thirteenth.

Sponsored by Brijesh K. Singh, an eccentric multimillionaire who loves badminton and hates superstitions, this tournament is good news for sports-crazy Amar Kishen, aka Butterfingers, and his friends.

Badminton practice begins, but can it be smooth sailing with talk of scams, superstitions and suspicions? Butterfingers sure has a lot on his hands!

Join Amar on his hilarious adventures as he defies luck with his madcap schemes. Let the game begin!


Age: 9 years


The Boy Who Played with Light: Satyajit Ray (Dreamers Series) FC
The Boy Who Played with Light||Lavanya Karthik

The Boy Who Played with Light

Before Satyajit Ray became a world-famous film maker, he was a little boy who saw many things in the shadows.

A delightfully illustrated short biography that will inspire young readers.


Age: 7+ years






The Girl Who Loved to Sing: Teejan Bai (Dreamers Series) FC
The Girl Who Loved to Sing||Lavanya Karthik

The Girl Who Loved to Sing

Before Teejan Bai became a world-renowned singer, she was a little girl who had to fight for her freedom to sing.

A delightfully illustrated short biography that will inspire young readers.


Age: 7+ years


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