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What drove these ordinary women to become ‘Queens of Crime’?

Dysfunctional families, sexual abuse, sheer greed and sometimes just a skewed moral compass. These are some of the triggers that drove the women captured in these pages to become lawbreakers.

Queens of Crime co-written by Sushant Singh and Kulpreet Yadav demonstrates a haunting criminal power that most people do not associate women with. The acts of depravity described in this book will jolt you to the core, ensuring you have sleepless nights for months.

Based on painstaking research, these are raw, violent and seemingly unbelievable but true rendition of India’s women criminals.

Here are some hard-hitting facts about a few women criminals from the book!


Shantidevi – The Drug Queen of Mumbai

“Shantidevi started at the lowest rung. Her task was to peddle brown sugar and hashish. A daily target was set and her beat covered five-star hotels across the city. She learnt the ropes fast. There was a huge demand and she was quick to realize that the supply was barely enough to keep pace with it. Her customers trusted her more because she was a woman. She never cheated anyone, keeping the pricing as explained.”

Meeta- The Queen of the Dark

“She had earned Rs 25,000, the equivalent of five months’ salary, in just one night. Over the next three years, Meeta slept with many men. By the time she turned twenty, she had over fifty regular clients. She had paid off the debt and bought two cars: a Maruti Alto and a Wagon R.”

Resham aka Mummy- The Lady Don of Delhi

“ Mummy was sixty, a powerful don whom everybody dreaded. She had no fear: not of competitors, not of the police, not of the courts. Getting away with murder for so long had emboldened her.”

Preeti- The Tinder Murder

“Laxman tried to speak, but since his mouth was taped, he couldn’t. Preeti stepped forward and pulled off the tape. Before he could utter a word, she hissed into his ear, ‘If you shout, these men will kill you. They don’t know what they are doing. They are high on cocaine.’”

Sanjana- The Baby Killers

“Since she didn’t have a job and her daughters were too young to work, she decided to fall back on stealing. But this time, she trained her daughters as well. They became a gang of three, specializing in purse-snatching, chain-snatching, pickpocketing and shoplifting. The mother taught the girls all the tricks of the trade.”

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