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What Exile Meant to Taslima Nasreen

In Exile, Taslima Nasrin writes about the series of events leading to her ouster from India, her house arrest, and the anxious days she had to spend in the government safe house, beset by a scheming array of bureaucrats and ministers desperate to see her gone. Without a single political party, social organization or renowned personality by her side, she had been a lone, exiled, dissenting voice up against the entire state machinery with only her wits and determination at her disposal.
These seven quotes from the book give us a glimpse into her life in the seven month period in India.

Taslima Nasrin’s book Exile is a moving and shocking chronicle of her struggles in India over a period of five months, set against a rising tide of fundamentalism and intolerance that will resonate powerfully with the present socio-political scenario.

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