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What’s In Store for Our Young Readers this Summer?

Hello, we’d like to introduce you to some new people and take you to some exciting places! First we meet the little girl with an uncanny sense of her own destiny who grew up to be the brave queen of Jhansi. Another little girl named Rahi amuses us with her story as she learns to deal with people who refuse to help her with her troubles i.e. needing to pee.
We then embark upon a vivid journey to learn about the origins and evolution of art in India, and another to explore the different states in India with our dear friends Mishki, Pushka and Daadu Dolma.
Travel back in time with us to meet interesting people like the Mughal princess Jahanara Begum and Raja Ram Mohan Roy and join Aditya and Anjali in a poignant and moving story of bereavement and healing.
Puffin brings the following exciting books for our young readers. Which one will you grab first?

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