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Why and How do People Pray across the Earth?

(The Sun and the Moon will tell you)

We all need a little time to re-affirm the healing, calming power of faith and to appreciate the plurality and flexibility of prayer, to appreciate prayers as a source of community rather than communalism. Children are usually already intuitively aware and accepting of spirituality and of individual differences and Trishla Jain’s Sunrise, Moonrise with its beautiful illustrations and lilting, flowing rhymes is a magical way to ensure that little ones understand and appreciate this further while retaining their instinctive wonder.

Join the most wonderful elemental forces of our universe, the sun and moon as they take you on a journey around Earth to see people joined in prayer across different cultures and faiths.

Read on to find out what families can learn about prayer when you read Sunrise, Moonrise together.

Travel with the sun and the moon in this heartfelt picture book to find out how people from different cultures and faiths pray. Read Sunrise, Moonrise aloud to spark a discussion with your young ones about the meaning of prayer and what it can do for us.

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