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Why is Dry Fasting the Most Superior Form of Cleansing?

You must always turn to nature when you are sick or afflicted with disease. Nature holds all the answers, and when you align yourself with it, you heal and recover. Dry fasting is one such answer.

Dry fasting is complete abstinence from food and water for a particular window during the day, followed by breaking the fast in a specific manner. This window during which one fasts is called the elimination phase, and the window during which one eats is called the building phase.

In their book, The Dry Fasting Miracle, Luke Coutinho and Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Ali Bin Rashed Al Nuaimi teach us how this diet can stimulate the body, help one find the right balance between the ‘elimination phase’ and the ‘building phase’, aid weight loss and help avoid a number of diseases.

Here we talk about why dry fasting is the most superior form of cleansing.

Our body makes its own water

How? As a by-product of the fat that is burnt during the fast. Unlike the water you drink, this metabolic water is of superb quality, produced by the hard work of your own cells. It is almost like it erases all the negative information that was part of the body before the fast, allowing cells to experience a kind of rebirth, taking in moisture from the air and supplying it to the cells.

It target and reduces inflammation, and is immunostimulatory

Inflammation and low immunity are the root causes of any disease – be it cancer, cardiovascular problems, diabetes or simply the inability to lose weight. The body cannot have inflammation without water. Pathological bacteria, viruses and other microbes love a wet environment, which is ideal for them to thrive in—shortage of water is like a kill switch for them.

It enables the burning of toxins as opposed to the flushing out of toxins via urine, bowel movement, kidneys, liver and skin

The body, during a dry fast, absorbs atmospheric carbon dioxide and nitrogen to manufacture its own amino acids. Since there is no water to flush out these endogenous toxins, these are eliminated through a unique mechanism that is dormant during less rigorous modes of fasting. Each cell, thus, self-combusts, becoming the furnace that burns up its own waste.

Dry fasting can help manage the effects of radiation exposure

Regular fasting can also help restore the protective functions of cells and organs against radiation damage. This is particularly important for those who live or work in settings where they are regularly subjected to radiation or have been exposed to palliative radiation in case of cancer treatment. Dry fasting can be highly effective in healing the side effects of chemotherapy.

Give dry fasting a try, yourself! Read more about the processes and more benefits in the book, The Dry Fasting Miracle, available here.

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