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Why Should you Read this Beautifully Written yet Utterly Haunting book by Stina Jackson?

Stina Jackson’s new book The Silver Road, follows Lelle and Meja, two characters whose lives are intertwined in ways, both haunting and tragic, that they could never have imagined.

Three years ago, Lelle’s daughter went missing in a remote part of Northern Sweden. Lelle has spent the intervening summers driving the Silver Road under the midnight sun, frantically searching for his lost daughter, for himself and for redemption.

Meanwhile, seventeen-year-old Meja arrives in town hoping for a fresh start. She is the same age as Lelle’s daughter was – a girl on the brink of adulthood. But for Meja, there are dangers to be found in this isolated place.

Intrigued? Here are 5 reasons to read the book.

 Lelle isn’t a naive protagonist. He suspects and questions everyone

“…The guy’s fallen apart worse than I have in the years since Lina disappeared.’

‘Perhaps he misses her?’

‘Maybe. Or else his conscience is giving him trouble.’ ”


The story doesn’t shy away from getting inside the mind of a hostage

 “She didn’t fight any more. She couldn’t be bothered. Her veins were swollen under her loose skin as if she had aged too early, as if the very life was seeping out of her.”


It sheds light on how society helps people deal with loss ( or does it?)

 “All one thousand and twenty-four contributors to the Flashback forum seemed touchingly unanimous in their belief that Lina had been picked up and abducted by someone driving a vehicle before the bus arrived.”


Seasons affect the psychology of people, especially in a place where the sun doesn’t set

“Lelle didn’t sleep in the summertime. Not any more. He blamed the light, the sun that never set, that filtered through the black weave of the roller blind…He blamed everything apart from what was really keeping him awake.”


The book has its precious moments and doesn’t focus only on loss but also love 

“‘Have you told them about me?’

Of course.’
‘What did you say?’
‘Nothing special.Just that you’re the best person I’ve ever met.’”

The Silver Road is a stunning read that is beautifully written and utterly haunting.

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