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6 Lines by Ruskin Bond that will make you smile

Ruskin Bond’s stories have never failed to thrill us and make us laugh. Our growing up years would not have remained the same had it not been for Bond’s hilarious anecdotes.

Here are 6 Ruskin Bond quotes that made us laugh out loud:

Ruskin Bond’s characters always try to do some good… 

Mrs Fisher took one look at the bundle in my arms and let out a shriek. ‘What have you brought here, Bond?’
‘A baby, ma’am. I think it’s a girl. Do you want to adopt it?’

Thick As Thieves


The characters are always very talented… whether others appreciate those talents is up for debate

“He went down the lane, trumpeting away, and one or two people shouted at him to ‘Stop that horrible noise!’ Thus he made his way down the next lane, where he was even less welcome and the dogs ran away with their tails between their legs.”

– Ranji the Music Maker


Characters do not hesitate to take their pranks to the next level

“On one occasion Grandfather drove Granny to the bank without her recognizing him, that too in a tonga with a white pony.Granny was superstitious about white ponies and avoided them as far as possible. But grandfather, in his tonga driver’s disguise, persuaded her that his white pony was the best behaved little pony in the world.”

The Parrot Who Wouldn’t Talk and Other Stories 


Despite their young age the characters are very sensible.

“Suddenly I saw a big male bird emerge from a thicket about a hundred yards away. He stood still and stared at me for a few moments; then, expanding his wings and with his tail erect, he came bounding towards me. Believing discretion to be the better part of valour (at least in that particular situation), I turned and ran towards the fence.”

Panther’s Moon and Other Stories 


The adults may not be as sensible as the children….

“Granny should never have entrusted Uncle Ken with the job of taking me to the station and putting me on the train for Delhi. He got me to the station all right, but then proceeded to put me on the wrong train!”

White Mice


Ghosts may not be friendly but grandparents don’t mind them.

“‘…Grandfather says he has seen them(ghosts) many times,when he has passed through the ruins late at night. He has seen them playing in the moonlight.’
‘Wasn’t he frightened?’
‘No. Old people don’t mind seeing ghosts.’”

The Wind on Haunted Hill


Ruskin Bond’s latest book Coming Round the Mountain: In the Year of Independence is yet another look at the past, in particular one memorable year, 1947, during which a lot happened to Ruskin and those around him. The book is AVAILABLE NOW!

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