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6 Things You Didn’t Know about the ‘Indian Spirit’

Did you know drinking has been a part of the Indian culture since pre-Vedic times? The Indian Spirit by Magandeep Singh traces the antique tales related to alcohol, its variety, and etiquettes on the table when drinking or tasting notes on variety of spirits and brews. The book is also a treasure trove for those who have the palate to enjoy their drink and curiosity to know where it came from.
Here are 6 facts about desi alcohol variants you probably didn’t know.
A rare gem we must all try

Beautiful fusion of Saffron and Kasturi

You can have it all in India itself

Cannot wait to gulp down this luscious drink!

Rice Beer and  steamed meat, what more can we ask for?

Who said alcohol is injurious to health?

It’s time to pour yourself a drink!

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