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6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Haruki Murakami

A private and reluctant celebrity, Murakami loves to maintain a degree of anonymity and not much is known about him. These facts will serve to make you admire him more.

Haruki Murakami is one of the most famous novelists at the moment. Until age 29, however, he never considered himself capable of writing a book. It was only after the success of his first two books, Murakami became a full-time writer, producing a prolific body of work. He has also taught at Princeton University and won multiple literary awards throughout his career.
Murakami’s works have also been translated into more than 40 languages and have sold millions of copies. The author has gained cult status both at home and abroad. But, how well do you exactly know him?
Despite his popularity, many people do not know much about the reclusive author. That is why, on his birthday, we’ve compiled a few facts that you probably didn’t know about Haruki Murakami.
1. He loves Jazz 
Like Toru Watanabe, the narrator of Norwegian Wood, his first job was at a record store. Murakami loves Boston because he feels that it is the most convenient and “satisfying city for collecting secondhand jazz records.”
2. His routine is rigid. And intense.
Murakami has said in the past that he feels writing a long novel is like survival training. He believes that physical strength is as necessary as artistic sensitivity. And judging from his routine, he is a firm believer.
3. He drafts. A lot.
A true perfectionist, all of Murakami’s works are true labours of love.
4. Who did it?
He’s admitted that when he starts writing a story, he doesn’t know the conclusion. He says that he writes the book because even he wants to find out what happens. Murakami believes that if he knew who the killer was, then there’s “no purpose to writing the story.”
5. Video games are like books?!
The award-winning author has revealed that sometimes when he’s writing, he feels like the designer of a video game and, at the same time, the player.
6. His taste in films.
Murakami loves movies, and according to a report, during one year at university, he watched more than 200 films!
A private and reluctant celebrity, Murakami loves to maintain a degree of anonymity and not much is known about him, especially considering he’s a best-selling writer. We hope these facts serve to make you admire him more.


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