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7 Tips to Overcome Your Tech Addiction

Incessantly browsing through our grams, checking our Slack notifications and Whatsapps, has become the new social norm. It has taken over the different tables we occupy in our day-to-day. The dining table, the meeting room table and the restaurant table, these tables were once a place exclusively for fun conversations and communal bonding. But now they’re merely another touchpoint where our phone rules our lives.
It’s high time we take back the table.
In Your Happiness Was Hacked, authors Vivek Wadhwa and Alex Salkever explain how tech companies entice us to overdose on tech interaction by taking advantage of vulnerabilities in the human brain function. The book discusses how to define and control the roles that tech is playing and could play in our lives.
Here are 7 tips and tricks from the book to avoid getting hooked on tech:







Your Happiness Was Hacked is a timely book that can act as a handy guide to help us adapt to our new reality of omnipresent technology.

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