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Dr Darren Player

Dr Darren J. Player is a scientist and an academic. He studied personal training, exercise referral and sports science before completing his PhD in muscle cellular and molecular physiology. Dr Player has also undertaken professional qualifications in nutritional coaching and sports massage. He is an external examiner for a UK Sport Science degree and personal training qualifications. Combining his scientific background and professional qualifications, he has a unique view of health, fitness and exercise. A published author, he has contributed chapters in two scientific textbooks and has published numerous articles in prestigious scientific journals. Dr Player has also been invited to speak at scientific conferences and acclaimed academic and medical institutions, including AIIMS, IIT Delhi and the University of Washington. As a teenager, he was a competitive 200-metre and 400-metre runner. Now he just trains for health and well-being.

Books by the author

MoveMint Medicine

MoveMint Medicine

Dr. Rajat Chauhan, Dr Darren Player
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