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Dr.Pradeep Gopal Talwalkar

Dr Pradeep G. Talwalkar has been practising diabetology for three
decades now. Formerly a postgraduate teacher of internal medicine,
he now teaches diabetology.
A sought-after speaker at various conferences, symposiums and
continuing medical education programmes, Dr Talwalkar has lectured
extensively all over India. He is very active on the patient education
front: besides conducting workshops and seminars, he uses the print,
radio, television and online media to spread awareness about diabetes
among patients and caregivers.
Dr Talwalkar has attended numerous international conferences on
diabetes and visited several centres of excellence in the fi eld. He has
actively participated in all conferences of the International Diabetes
Federation since the 1988 conference in Sydney, Australia. He has
authored over fi fty papers in national and international journals, and
written and edited books on diabetes for laypeople, family physicians
and consultants. He is the assistant editor of API Textbook of Medicine
(sixth edition), a popular textbook with wide readership in India.

Books by the author

Living Easy With Diabetes

Living Easy With Diabetes

Dr.Pradeep Gopal Talwalkar
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