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Bookish Boosts: Health and Wellness Reads

Are you sticking to the ‘I’m-going-to-follow-a-super-healthy-lifestyle’ resolution you made on New Year’s Eve? It’s all good – even if you haven’t been, we are here to equip you with all the information you need to get back on the wagon.

As book lovers, we know that books can be a powerful tool in promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Whether you’re looking to improve your physical fitness, enhance your mental clarity, nourish your soul, or explore new ways of taking care of your body and mind, we’ve got you covered.

Here are our top recommendations for health and wellness books that are not only informative, but also engaging and easy to digest.

So head to your favorite reading nook, settle in, and get ready to kickstart your healthy journey!


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Hacking Health by Mukesh Bansal

Hacking Health
Hacking Health || Mukesh Bansal

We live in a world where there is a new fad diet, superfood, supplement or nutrition theory every month. There are so many tricks to optimizing workouts, peak performance, burning fat, living longer, sleeping better and biohacking your immune system. Wellness has become a part of mainstream discourse like never before, and the result is an overwhelming barrage of seemingly contradictory information.

But here’s one simple truth: good health impacts every aspect of life, be it productivity at work, interpersonal relationships or balanced family life. In Hacking Health, Mukesh Bansal takes on the mammoth task of demystifying the science, simplifying the research, and tracing the story of our relationship with our body. Through a combination of personal experience and cutting-edge science, this is a book that draws from ancient wisdom and also debunks unscientific myths to help you make smart choices in pursuit of good health. From nutrition and fitness to sleep and immunity, weight management and mental health to ageing and longevity, this book delves into the breadth and depth of holistic health and helps you navigate the lines between science and pseudoscience.



25 Small Habits by Manoj Chenthamarakshan

25 Small Habits
25 Small Habits || Manoj Chenthamarakshan

We all know that our habits shape our lives, but when we try to incorporate a new habit into our lifestyle, we understand how difficult it can get. Most people fail to retain a new habit past the first week. This book doesn’t teach you how to develop habits; instead, it offers you a set of twenty-five small habits that take very little time and can be held on to without much effort.

The habits in this book are designed to give you holistic growth in terms of self-development, community, career, relationship, and physical and mental health. You can choose the habits that you are able to fit into your daily schedule.






7 Rules to Reset Your Mind and Body for Greater Well-Being by Dr Hansaji Yogendra

7 Rules to Reset Your Mind and Body for Greater Well-Being
7 Rules to Reset Your Mind and Body for Greater Well-Being || Dr Hansaji Yogendra

Do you feel that your life is out of control? Your health, mind and ambitions . . . none are panning out as planned?
Does it appear as if there is an invisible force that is dictating your relationships?
Do you have this intense desire to stop and restart in a way that things begin to work for you?
Then, this is the book for you.

7 Rules to Reset Your Mind and Body for Greater Well-Being is the simple but practical guide you need to read to get that control back. Written by the most admired and respected Dr Hansaji Yogendra of The Yoga Institute, this step-by-step guide explains the importance of creating and maintaining balance in all aspects of your life.

In an anecdotal and friendly way, Dr Hansaji delineates the practices and the thought processes you need to develop and the changes you need to make to put life in perspective for you. Whether it is getting a good night’s sleep or eating healthy or dealing with office stress, she helps you sort out each aspect with her great insight.



4G Code to Good Health by Ishi Khosla

4G Code to Good Health
4G Code to Good Health || Ishi Khosla

Do you know that if you just eat the right foods, you can control your appetite and weight, remove cravings, control moods, manage sleep and much more?
Each of us today wants to be healthy and lead a balanced life. The pandemic has also taught us how important it is to have strong immunity. Yet we struggle with what to eat and what not to. Noted dietician and nutritionist Ishi Khosla says that our gut is the control panel of our health. Our forefathers knew it. That is why it is said, ‘Jaise ann vaisa mann‘ or you are what you eat. Ishi takes it a step further when she says, ‘We are not only what we eat, but what we digest and what we DON’T eat!’
Here, she distills decades of experience and knowledge and combines it with the wisdom of the past to provide an insight into the science of the 4 Gs-Gut, Girth, Gluten and Glucose-and their connection with each other, so we can modify our eating habits and lifestyle in a permanent manner. Remember, our bodies are forgiving and capable of healing. It’s NEVER too late!



Energise Your Mind by Gaur Gopal Das

Energize Your Mind
Energize Your Mind || Gaur Gopal Das

Take charge of your mind.
Be in charge of your life.

In this book, bestselling author and life coach Gaur Gopal Das decodes how the mind works. He combines his anecdotal style with analytical research to teach us how to discipline our mind for our greater well-being. Throughout this book, he provides interactive exercises, meditation techniques and worksheets to help us take charge of our mind.

This book is an essential read for anyone who wants to work towards a better, more fulfilling future for themselves.





Dr Mathai’s ABC to Health by Issac Mathai

Dr Mathai’s ABC to Health
Dr Mathai’s ABC to Health || Issac Mathai

How often have you put off eating healthy food, starting those morning walks, hitting the gym or practising yoga because you are feeling well anyway?

The refrain often is-will stop junk food from next week, will begin fitness from the new year or next month, will ensure adequate sleep from tomorrow. Almost always, starting wellness or staying fit is post-dated.

Dr Mathai’s ABC to Good Health tells you why you must not postpone all those good habits of staying healthy and what could happen to you if you ignore your fitness quotient. It tells you why you must not press the panic button only when you fall sick but practise wellness every single day to build a solid immunity and stay away from the common cold, fever and many everyday ailments.

The book gives you simple tips to practise daily wellness by way of eating right, sleeping enough, and staying positive at all times. It gives you the health benefits of practising wellness from A to Z, ranging from fruits and nuts to vegetables, and even activities that can make you feel like a rock star every single morning when you wake up. It is wellness today and every single day.

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