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Penguin Random House Children’s

Penguin Random House India publishes books for children and young adults across all formats and genres, be it picture books, chapter books, comics, fiction or non-fiction. We publish children’s books under two imprints: Puffin Books and Duckbill Books. We are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts for both imprints.

Puffin Books is looking for stories that are fresh, imaginative and diverse, and voices that resonate with readers between the ages of five and eighteen. Our mission is to publish books that break the norm and reach out to every kind of reader, helping them see the world with greater nuance. We are actively looking for original, unpublished manuscripts that can start a conversation, set a misconception straight or just send us down a silly spiral of laughter. These can be issue-driven picture books, engaging and well-researched non-fiction for curious readers (it doesn’t matter if it’s science or history or economics) and realistic middle grade and young adult fiction that’s either set in the Indian subcontinent or is about experiences of people from the subcontinent. We are not accepting romance, fantasy or sci-fi books for young adults at the moment.

Should you wish to submit a manuscript to us, do share a synopsis, chapter breakdown, three sample chapters for non-fiction and the complete manuscript for fiction, and an author bio. If this is an illustrated book and you’re already working with illustrators, or are illustrating the work yourself, please share sample illustrations and an illustrator portfolio with us.

Duckbill Books is looking for unusual stories and new voices. We primarily publish stories for ages five to seventeen, with a preference for stories set in contemporary India. We prefer stories that are quirky and have a great weakness for humour. While we do not publish folktales, mythology or didactic stories, we do publish the occasional non-fiction. We are currently not looking for picture books.

Should you wish to submit a manuscript to us, please send us a synopsis and three sample chapters to

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