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Make Money the Chanakya Way!

Radhakrishnan Pillai’s latest book, Chanakya and the Art of Getting Rich is a holistic study, written for anyone and everyone. The book is the result of his fascinating insight and research into the master diplomat, administrator and economist (before the term existed) and the man behind the Mauryan empire, Chanakya- the ancient author of the Arthashastra. Pillai has deftly extracted the maxims most relevant to wealth-creation from the Arthashastra’s vast  scope of statecraft, economic policy and military strategy, and interspersed it with modern examples, bringing  practical wisdom from the 4th century BC to guide contemporary ambitions!
Chanakya and the Art of Getting Rich begins with the simplest of questions-‘Do you want to be rich? If you replied in the affirmative to the most basic of all ambitions read on for some tips from the Guru of all gurus.
Aanvikshiki, the science and art of thinking.

‘Clear thinking is the foundation of all good decisions. According to Chanakya, clear thinking and calculated decision-making are the first qualities a person needs to  develop. A person who cannot think clearly will always have great difficulty assessing a situation, evaluating the scenario and taking a decision that is the best in the given circumstances.’

Keep your spiritual and material life distinct

‘“No business in charity, and no charity in business” is a well-known adage in the business world. What this means is that one should never do charity for profit nor run a business as a charitable activity.’

Eternal Vigilance

‘One has to fulfill one’s duty of keeping an eye on the wealth one already has. If we are not alert and vigilant about the wealth we already own, it will deplete and eventually ebb away.

Ethical wealth is long-term wealth

Remember, the key to ‘big money’ is to understand the ‘right money’. One can become rich very fast too, but mostly through shortcuts. . Ethics are very important when it comes to amassing wealth. Illegal and immoral wealth does not stay for long.

Channel your ‘wealth potential’

Everybody cannot make money in every field. The smart ones are those who can identify which field is meant for them.  Chanakya has a formula for that. In the first book of the Arthashastra, Chanakya talks about finding your swadharma. Swa means ‘your own’ and dharma is nature. If you come to know what your true nature is, wealth will come to you naturally.

Find your guru

‘You may have all the potential to become rich. But, the fact is that you still require a mentor and guide to become rich.’

Know your political environment

‘If you want to expand your business and become rich, think about the place you are in. Read about the government policies that affect your area, your city, your business, your country.. Any changes in policy have a ripple effect—if they don’t touch you directly they will affect other things that will affect you in return.

Keep your Equanimity and carry on

‘Equanimity Is of Paramount Importance A person who desires to become wealthy should also develop another important quality—equanimity. This state of mind is comparable to a lamp which is steady and calm, and the flame does not flicker.’

The Blueprint of Success

‘As the famous saying goes, ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’ So if you want to put into action any roadmap of wealth creation, then plan the whole strategy. It is like drawing your blueprints before you start the construction. Thinking is the blueprint required before you get into action’

Money attracts money.

‘Wealthy people become wealthier. But if you do not take care of the wealth you own, it will slip away. So learn the art of managing your wealth well so that it can grow, not deplete.’

Accountability in Accounting

‘Chanakya says, “He [the leader] should check the accounts for each day, group of five days [week], fortnight, month, four months [quarterly] and a year.”’

Partnership Is a Way to Wealth

‘No one person can have all the qualities required for success. Therefore, to succeed, it is good to have partners. Partnerships are about complementing each other. Partners make up for each other’s weaknesses and support each other’s strengths.’

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