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Announcing a trailblazing new book on securing our natural capital.

We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of a groundbreaking book on environment conservation, titled The Case for Nature. Written by Siddarth Shrikanth, a climate investment professional, author, consultant, and entrepreneur, this book is due to release in 2023 under the Allen Lane imprint of Penguin.

At a time when global heating has grown from a far-off worry to a full-on public emergency, The Case for Nature brings innovative and practical ideas to regenerate our precious planet by harnessing the power of nature. Optimistic, practical, and deeply informed, this book clarifies and illuminates concepts from carbon credits to ecosystem services that underpin the new landscape and highlights the exciting innovations in business, finance, and policy that are helping turn the tide. 

Talking about the book, the author Siddarth Shrikanth, says, ‘At its core are a set of ideas and recent developments that led me to believe that protecting and restoring nature is both the right thing to do, and firmly in our economic interests; that nature needs to be bound closely to our societies, taking a cue from a range of indigenous worldviews, rather than set apart from us and admired from afar, as old-style conservation would have us do; that there are real, tangible examples, in virtually every ecosystem on earth, where pioneers are bringing the case for nature to life in inventive ways. India, with its unique natural ecosystems, complex local dynamics, and competing priorities, features prominently in the book. I’m so pleased to be able to highlight these stories through The Case for Nature in the months to come.’

In addition to being particularly relevant to Indian readers, this book will also delight them with stories from across our wondrous living planet. Readers will be transported from the jungles of Indonesia, to the grasslands of Kenya and the reefs of Micronesia, and leave with the tools they will forge a new relationship with nature, steer clear of greenwashing, and make meaningful contributions in their professional and personal lives.

Manasi Subramaniam, Associate Publisher and Head of Rights, Penguin Press, Penguin Random House India, says, ‘I found Siddarth Shrikanth’s proposal absolutely extraordinary, both ambitious and compassionate, the voice both measured and vehement. He makes a sharp critique, but he offers both solutions and hope for the planet. This is a true book of ideas, and in many ways, I think it has the potential to be one of the most explosive books of the next few years.’

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