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Reasons to Add ‘Timeless Tales from Marwar’ to your Reading List!

Rajasthan’s history is brimming with stories and folklore that span centuries. These are tales that bind Rajasthani folk culture and its history and are passed down generation to generation.

At the forefront of Rajasthani storytelling is Vijaydan Dehta who has also been called the ‘Shakespeare of Rajasthan’. In Timeless Tales from Marwar, Vishes Kothari translates his works from Rajasthani and offers some of the oldest and most popular fables from the Thar Desert region.

Not convinced? Here are reasons you and your child should add this book to your TBR:

Introduce Indian folklore to your child

Timeless Tales from Marwar compiles some of the most popular folklore and stories from the much- celebrated Batan ri Phulwari- ‘Garden of Tales’- a fourteen-volume collection written over a span of nearly fifty years!

The book has a magical narrative style

‘The tale of a tale.
The mischief of mischief.
There were three villages.
Two abandoned, and one,never settled only.
In which lived three potters.
Two fools, and one knew not about making pots only.’

These stories will warm your heart

Detha wrote ‘Because I was so completely unsuccessful with love, I became very talented at writing love stories.’ His stories, like ‘The Leaf and the Pebble’ explore the connections of friendship and love that is familiar to everyone. These stories will leave you feeling hopeful and are sure to warm your heart!

  Gain invaluable life lessons

Vijaydan Detha’s stories bind together human relationships, Indian wildlife, ghosts and the universe at large in an attempt to harness valuable life lessons.

Disguised within interesting and adventurous writings about the stars in ‘Aahedi, the Hunter’ or snakes in ‘Naagan, May Your Line Prosper’, there are lessons and advice about life which any reader can benefit from!

Read well written stories,explore heartwarming and adventurous tales and learn a few life lessons with the Timeless Tales from Marwar!


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