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The Best of Thomas Harris from his New Book, Cari Mora!

From the creator of The Silence of the Lambs, comes a yet another thrilling story Cari Mora. The author, Thomas Harris, in his new novel tells a tale of evil, greed and the consequences of dark obsessions.

Cari Mora makes for a compelling read binding its reader till the end. Here we give you a few intriguing quotes from the book:

“She sat for a little while beside the water. The wind off the bay was full of ghosts tonight—young men and women and children who had lived or died in her arms as she tried to stanch their wounds, fought to breathe and lived, or shivered out straight and went limp.”


“It was nice to be excited. To be going on a creep. To be getting back at Pablo in his infernal sleep . . .”


“He might just follow his heart. It was fun to see if he could keep from following his heart. Heart HEAD, head HEART, bump.”


“It is here. It is here. The gold is here. Es ist hier! He knew it. If the gold had ears it could hear him if he called to it from this spot where he stood in a parlor.”


“Monsters know when they are recognized, just as bores do.”


“A moment of reverie as he made up a little couplet.

I cannot see my reflection in the black pools of your eyes / You will be hard to break but, broken, what a prize!”


“’You are way too wicked to die,’ Antonio said, and poured the old man a drink from the bottle on the table.”


“The scars are more exotic than disfiguring. Like cave paintings of wavy snakes. Experience decorates us.”


“For that which befalleth the sons of man befalleth beasts; as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yes, they have all one breath; all are of the dust and all turn to dust again.”

 Cari Mora, Thomas Harris’ sixth novel, is the long-awaited return of an American master. Get your copy here!

Searching for a twenty-five million dollars in cartel gold, which is hidden beneath an imposing mansion on the Miami beach; many ruthless men have attempted to track it for years but in vain. Leading a group of men, Hans-Peter Schneider is on this quest. He is a man of unspeakable appetites and makes a living by catering to rich men with violent fantasies.

The caretaker of the mansion that sits on the coveted gold, Cari Mora, hails from a turbulent past wrought with violence. A native of Columbia, she is staying in Miami on a Temporary Protected Status. She catches the eye of Hans-Peter, owing to her beauty.

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