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Ants in the ICU? An Unbelievable Saga of The Patient in Bed Number 12

In The Patient in Bed Number 12 by Raj Kamal Jha, a sick father’s journey through illness takes us on a captivating ride through modern India. Battling various health issues, he becomes the lens through which we see the hopes and struggles of everyday people. Read this exclusive excerpt to witness the simple yet powerful […]

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Longlisted Penguin Books for the Tata Literature Live Book Awards 2023!

We are thrilled to announce the longlisted works from Penguin Books for Tata Literature Live Book Awards 2023. These remarkable books, spanning a wide range of genres and themes, have captivated readers with their narratives that explore love, family, identity, history, science, and societal transformation. Join us in celebrating these exceptional authors and their stories […]

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